Encounter in the Fellini Kroger*

Call to action

I headed up the aisle of my local Kroger’s to check out when I heard a woman (reaching in the beer case) berating a man, telling him to leave her alone, and as an afterthought, “You better not even think about bothering that young lady.” (a customer he was starting to approach.)

I asked her if she needed any help and she said, “He’s drunk. I mean, really drunk.” Which he was. She continued, “I use to work in a bar, still do every once in awhile and I know when someone is drunk.” I told her if she decided to pitch in on him that I would help.
She confided she would rather have me than some of the young thangs around here. “They wouldn’t know what to do.” “Amen,” says I. She said she wouldn’t go back to being young and I agreed. The ever alert,gray-haired,stout bouncer ended with, “I had fun. Didn’t you?”
“Yes, and I’m still having fun,” says I.

*where the unusual can be found and the different occurs