Summertime @ 423 E Emerald Ave.

PicMonkey Collage

We have been running a bird nursery this summer! Mockingbirds, sparrows, robins, cardinals and surely some wrens. Robins in the tree nestled among honeysuckle vine with cardinals about two bushes over. The mockingbirds had the cedar tree with sparrows in a niche on the back porch eaves and another one is busy with the second brood in the front porch gutter.

When I was weeding one day, the baby robin perched on a flowerpot and then flew to a bush. I don’t know if he carried his old “house” with him. but it was on the step where he first stopped. I got my camera and walked towards him for a picture which set off the parents…not only the robins, but cardinals also. They fussed and watched closely till I left.

Day lilies just keep coming on, and Jayne’s tomato plants are going to overtake the house! Between them and my one pepper plant and one cucumber plant, we figure we’ll be hitting a Farmer’s Market by mid-July.IMG_7843

423 E Emerald Ave 008

IMG_7842Yesterday I saw this young raccoon at the side of our neighbor’s house. It was still daylight. He stopped when he saw me and when I didn’t move, he went to the trash can without a cover to check it out. He did decide to scoot away when I started snapping.

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