La la Land

423 E Emerald Ave 034  Tennessee weather made a name for itself this February with ic423 E Emerald Ave 001e storms, frigid temperatures and four snowfalls in eleven days.  For a bad weather pattern to last so long is unusual in our area. Not only do Southerners  not drive in snow real well, most don’t know how to handle being confined for days.

On Friday the 13th I had minor surgery done and came home right before the arctic blast took over our lives. Recovering my energy intertwined with being stuck in one place. I rested within the walls of my home as the rise and fall of the thermometer governed my life.

Most of us wish at some point we could stay at home for several days without being torn away by work, meetings or school. My time was now!  So many projects to work on–scanning photographs, finishing articles half written, small home improvements–and then check off my list!

Instead a strange inertia settled upon me, stuffing my head with cotton balls and adding more sleep to my life. I spent my days streaming favorite Netflix, acorn, and PBS shows. Thank goodness MASH is running now; such a nice, long series. Keeping up with current events meant keeping Facebook running 24/7. For exercise I played FreeCell, Mahjong Titans and Clash of the Clans.

Time floated  You would think it would pass slowly, but it actually seemed to speed up, particularly between three o’clock and seven. As I tried to figure that one out I realized I had no idea as to the day of the week. Every day became a Sunday, waiting for a Monday, which never comes. La la Land describes the situation pretty accurately.

Food took on an exaggerated importance. Liquids were all I could tolerate for over a week,423 E Emerald Ave 004 but once I realized I could eat chocolate by letting it melt in my mouth before swallowing it, I was ready for more substantial items. Jayne, my housemate, made her escape to the grocery store when there was a break in the weather (escape me? break from me?). The list I sent with her? OJ, Pringles, Hershey kisses and jelly beans with a request for Pinot Grigio if she made it to the wine shop.

Lest I  give the idea these free days were a total loss, I read and read and read some more. I experimented with my wardrobe, coordinating fuzzy socks with pajamas or sweat pants. I got my income tax done, called my brother and enjoyed a play and dinner out with friends.

423 E Emerald Ave 002I mentioned in my last post that February is not my favorite month and it just gave me more good reasons to keep it in that spot.  But, hey…the sky is blue today and the calendar gets turned after tomorrow!

Beach Blues

Places, like people, can come along when you least expect it. They can steal your heart away, holding a piece that keeps you coming back again and again. Sunset Beach. the first beach across the North Carolina line from South Carolina, right up from Calabash, is such a place.


pdf247In 1995 friends began convening here every May. Some have been here most every year since that first Memorial Day weekend. Now we stay for a week and always on 40th Street.


Copy of IMG_1230Although we enjoy exploring new places and new restaurants most often you find us walking the beach to Bird Island or sitting on the deck watching the herons and egrets fish for their dinner in Madd Inlet.


February is my Beach Blues Month. I mailed the first deposit for the house. Nothing to do now except wait out the last weeks of winter with plenty of time to figure out who is driving and give out bedroom assignments and talk about menus and think of the first seafood restaurant to hit and start a stack of books and wonder if the bathing suit will make it another year.

IMG_1240IMG_0419           IMG_0857

Bits & Pieces

I knew I would be erratic in writing my blog; the determination and drive to stay on a schedule eludes me more and more.  The big lapse in posts this time happened because   my computer going  funky on me. I couldn’t stay connected to the internet for more than an hour at a time plus I had to reboot to get back on it. Alex, the middle grandson, came to my rescue and can tell you just what was wrong.

I am still thinking about the Women’s March on Nashville and the people I met that day. Our lives followed very different paths in the 60s and 70s.  I married in 1964 at the age of 20 and by 1969 lived in a small neighborhood of young white families with working dads and mostly stay at home moms. Planned pregnancies, housework and volunteering were the hubs in my life  At the same time they were protesting, marching, and getting arrested for standing up for integration and women’s rights and being against the Vietnam War.

Now in 2015 I find myself on a bus with these women and I am thankful I have been  given the time to think outside my little box and learn, learn, learn.IMG_4198